Tuesday, 28 April 2009

who knew 15p could leave you stranded in a heavy woolen coat on a perfectly sunny day, overwhelmed with shame and embarrassment.

So I finish a very unsuccessful day at work, walk round the corner and come face to face with the one person I try to avoid (Brighton is truly the hardest of places to avoid anyone) we manage a strange acknowledgment of each other then turn away. The bus pulls up and I run from the situation iv found my self, of course dropping the contents of my purse in the proses this being brought to my attention by a painful sounding OI! OI! EEXCUUUUSE ME! I then clamber all my belongings together knowing that the next challenge is the hardest...I now have to try and convince the lovely tooth bucked 50 yr old teenager driving the bus, to let me on for a mere 15pence. Thankfully he tells me to sit. I walk to the back, put my bag down with a sigh of relief knowing we can drive away and go home. But no, we move a pathetic meter or two, the bus, my window is now parallel with the face that sent my heart plummeting at the begging of this short story.
"EXCUSE ME, YOUNG GIRL." Oh god. I'm now nose to nose with the grotesque Brighton and Hove twat who's telling me to get off unless I have anymore money. After a pointless argument on how 15p is more than enough to get me to my destination which is only up the road (of course my stop isn't really 'just up the road' but I'm clutching at straws now) The bus spits me out in the heat of the afternoon in my big woolen coat, a heavy bag, a bladder full to the brim and nothing but a hill of doom ahead of me and the second heart sinking feeling in the space of 5 minutes.

Don't worry Iv now re-kindled my love for the ol' Chomp bar, come to think of it this may have happened before.

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